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Everything you need to create treasures together

Kidzplay Play Boxes - All That You Need Is In One Box. No Mess, No Waste, Just Good Times Creating and Making

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How A Kidzplay Play Box Works

All you Need is in One Box: Play Activities with Kids Seal Of Approval

We deliver to you a box full of activities for you to enjoy together. Everything is pre-measured, planned and printed so you can simply open the box and create. We even include the scissors, paintbrushes and anything else you need so it really is everything in a box!

You can either subscribe to have the box delivered to you automatically every month, or you can purchase a box as and when you need or gift it to others.

Choose Your Activity - Everything Is in the Box You Need - Delivered Safely to Your Door

Everything Included

essentials pack

Each Box Comes With The Utensils Needed

Your Box Your Way

Sam kp box

Either Subscribe Or Buy When You Want


essentials pack

Pre-Measured Glue And Paint - Less Waste

Fully Washable

essentials pack

All Paint and Glue is Fully Washable, Non Toxic, Gluten Free

It's Christmas

It's Christmas and we have 3 boxes for you to try over the Christmas Period. Buying for Grandparents is never easy, so our Personalised Craft A Gift For Grandparents is a great option. They'll love receiving the personalised Craft gifts and joining in with the memory jar and quiz.

You can also enjoy a handmade christmas with our christmas decorations box and create a unique Christmas Eve Box.

What's Inside The Kidzplay Box

Easily Spend Time Together - Less Waste and Mess - Always Have Something To Do - Learn and Play

  • Time Saver

    We deliver everything you need create some amazing artwork with your child so you spend quality time together rather than shopping!

  • No Mess Less Waste

    Everything you need to complete the 6 Activities are pre-measured and packed into the box so there is no need to have a messy play cupboard any more

  • Delivered to Your Door

    The Play Box is delivered to your door, you can have it delivered as frequently as you want or simply buy a box when you want.

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