Suitable Activities For Toddlers

As a parent or caregiver the last you want is bored frustrated children with nothing to do. Also sitting combing through umpteen facebook groups to find the golden nugget of an idea that you can both do and your child will like is a mission impossible. Finding Suitable Activities For Toddlers that will inspire and motivate them is no mean feat!

Now all you need to do is pull up a chair and browse through all our ideas. We have everything here! All our ideas have been created by parents all over the world and tested by their kids, only ideas that have their kids seal of approval make it to our site.

We not only give you the ideas, but you can download the resources or even have the full play pack delivered to your home or play setting. We even have the play packs available to do in play centres, so you don’t have to clean up! However you want to entertain your child we have the solution for you.

Sit back, relax and browse the play activities Suitable Activities For Toddlers here:

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  • Easy colouring in sheets and activities for kids
  • Educational Play to give kids a head start
  • For when you just need some quiet time ideas
  • It's All About (The) Imaginative Play
  • Kids Arts and Crafts To Make and Do
  • Love Cooking and baking with kids
  • Outdoor and sports play ideas for good weather
  • Play dough is great at any age
  • Tuff Tray Ideas - So Simple Even Your Kids Can Do It
  • Why sensory play is so important for your kids

Matching Shapes Game

colour flash cards

5 games to play with colour flash cards


Colour Matching Activity: Match the Paint Colours


Fish Puppets Activity

exploring smells activity

Discover our exploring different smells activity


7 simple steps to make paper plate flowers


VE Day Bunting


VE Day Aeroplane


Shaving Foam Car Wash Tuff Tray Play Idea

My little boy Harry absolutely loves this activity, transferring the water from one container to the other, squeezing the sponges,...
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