Need More Inspiration For Kids Play Activities? Read this!

As a parent or caregiver the last you want is bored frustrated children with nothing to do. Also sitting combing through umpteen facebook groups to find the golden nugget of an idea that you can both do and your child will like is a mission impossible.

Now all you need to do is pull up a chair and browse through all our ideas. We have everything here! All our ideas have been created by parents all over the world and tested by their kids, only ideas that have their kids seal of approval make it to our site.

We not only give you the ideas, but you can download the resources or even have the full play pack delivered to your home or play setting. We even have the play packs available to do in play centres, so you don't have to clean up! However you want to entertain your child we have the solution for you.

Sit back, relax and browse the play activities here:

Minibeasts facts that you need to know about

‘Minibeast’ is the term we use for a number of small animals, like spiders, slugs and snails,…

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toddler colour games

Colour Activities Your Toddlers Are Going to Love

These are our best 5 colour activities for pre-schoolers to play and learn colours at the same…

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Where do minibeasts live?

What mini beasts can you find in your garden at home? If you have a front or…

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Why are mini beasts crucial?

Invertebrates make up approximately 97% of the creatures living on Earth. Minibeasts are a great source of…

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VE Day celebration ideas during lockdown

What is VE Day? VE Day, which stands for Victory in Europe Day, was the day on…

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How to Survive the Coronavirus Lockdown

It is now becoming obvious that we are in some form of Lockdown for the long haul,…

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