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colour activitiesThese are our best 5 colour activities for pre-schoolers to play and learn colours at the same time.

Kids explore every facet of their sensory mind as they get older. They want to ask you questions, learn about colours, learn new words, feel different textures, see new sights, smell new smells, and hear new sounds. That’s the beautiful journey of growing up, and as a parent or caretaker, you get to watch it unfold before your very eyes.

If you want kids’ activities that are more than just video games, but rather, games that help them advance their mind development, we’ve got you covered.

Our Top 5 most popular colour activities for pre-schoolers

  1. Colour Jigsaw Puzzle: This color jigsaw puzzle, made for preschoolers, is not only fun, but also helpful when it comes to developing cognitive skills and confidence. Watch your toddler work through the puzzle while identifying different colors and using this knowledge to their advantage to finish the puzzle. Don’t forget to praise them when they get it right!
  2. Match the Paint Colours: Color matching is an easy and fun way to help your kids memorize color details and names. To match the pain color game, simply set aside 15-minutes to sit down with your child and watch their eyes light up as they flip over the cards to learn about colors. This will also help them develop their fine motor skills to place the brush where it is needed as they go.
  3. Colour Flash Cards: Flash cards can do much more for your kid than you realize. By using color flash cards, you can make up games as you go, create scavenger hunts with the cards, pull them out on the go, on a plane, or at a campsite, or even use them with a bunch of your kid’s friends. They’re a very social color kids’ game to consider today.
  4. Paper Plate Flowers: If you have a kid who loves to get their hands involved, then paper plate flowers are a great way to help them explore color while they make something beautiful. Forget the messiness of soil and water. Create your own colorful garden made from paper plates today.
  5. Fish Puppets: Who wants to make fish puppets with their little ones? Not only are puppets funny and engaging, but they also provide a creative outlet for your kid to explore what it is that makes them happy. If you’re ready to enjoy this activity, simply download the PDF, print if off, and colour it in. Watch your kid explore the colours that they like.


Here at Kidzplay, we take pride in creating high quality, engaging kids’ activities for you, your family, or your educational centre today. Kids do most of their learning through playing, which is why play therapy and other forms of play-based support are super important for children today.

Check out our list of colour activities at your disposal now!

Our contributors for the activities are Harry&Louis Adventures and Karen Allen – you can follow them on Facebook for more ideas and inspiration

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