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Monthly Themed Children's Craft Boxes You Can Simply Open and Play

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What's In A Kidzplay Play Box?

Kidzplay Play Box is a activity box for pre-schoolers (with adult help) to age 8, shipping fun activities to make and do together to your doorstep every month. Each item is thoughtfully selected or designed to encourage non screen time, improve fine motor skills, communication, concentration and mark making. Each box contains everything you need to complete all the activities so there is less waste and more play time.

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All In The Box

Each Box Contains Everything You Need To Complete All The Activities. No More Rummaging Around The Cupboards Or Trawling The Internet For Ideas. You Are Ready To Play Instantly

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New Theme Every Month

Our Whole Team of Educationalists lend a hand in the creative process, brainstorming themes and ideas to keep children engaged and learning all the time.

Harry's Seal of Approval

Kids Seal Of Approval

All the Activities have been tried and tested with Kids Everywhere so we can guarantee your child will love all the activities in every box

Everything is in the Box You Need - Delivered Safely to Your Door

Everything Included


Each Box Comes With All The Resources You Need To Complete The Activities


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Everything Is Pre-Measured and Professionally Printed So Kids Can Play Instantly

Fully Washable

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All Paint and Glue is Fully Washable, Non Toxic, Gluten Free, No Hassle Solutions

Your Box Your Way

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Either Subscribe To Have The Box Delivered Automatically  Or Buy When You Want

What's Included In The Kidzplay Minibeast Box

Our Kidzplay box for May includes:

7 Days of Screen Free Activities

7 Activities to EXPLORE, MAKE and DISCOVER

  1. Chalk Activity
  2. Big Nature Art
  3. Nature Bingo
  4. Vase of Flowers
  5. Paper Plate Silhouettes
  6. Painting with Chlorophyll
  7. Tree Rubbing

The world of Dinosaurs

MAKE - Ice Dinosaur Egg

PAINT - Dinosaur Sponge Painting

PAINT AND MAKE - Make a Dinosaur


Celebration Day  - Florence Nightingale 

MAKE - Dress Up Character

DECORATE  - Create medals for people who are your heroes

With MAKE, PAINT and CREATE activities. Learn through GAMES and EXPLORING. All wrapped up in a box to take your through the month of May. On a journey of exploring, learning and growing.

Add A Bug Hotel To Our Minibeast Themed April Play Box

A Bug Hotel is a structure that provides a safe place for bugs to live, while enhancing your gardens eco-system.

Provide a perfect place for ladybirds to explore, next and sleep. For spiders to spin their webs as well as many other minibeasts too!


We provide the Bug Hotel made from recycled timber and unfinished texture, the pack is complete with bamboo sticks and pine cones. All you need to do is collect leaves to furnish the inside yourself and place in the garden.

What's Inside The Kidzplay Box

Easily Spend Time Together - Less Waste and Mess - Always Have Something To Do - Learn and Play

  • Time Saver

    We deliver everything you need create some amazing artwork with your child so you spend quality time together rather than shopping!

  • No Mess Less Waste

    Everything you need to complete the 10 Activities are pre-measured and packed into the box so there is no need to have a messy play cupboard any more

  • Delivered to Your Door

    The Play Box is delivered to your door, you can have it delivered as frequently as you want or simply buy a box when you want.