Why Make A Minibeast Hotel?

Inspiring kids to be nature lovers at a young age is so beneficial to them, and studying minibeasts (spiders, butterflies, bees, ladybirds to name but a few) give kids real insight into the world of invertebrates, different habitats, how to look after them and food chains – how nature needs minibeasts.

Minibeasts are crucial to our survival,  they recycle dead matter and waste products; they help with plant pollination; they are a crucial source of food in the ecosystem.

How To Make A Minibeast Bug Hotel

This is a lovely activity for children of all ages, from just toddling babies (who will enjoy collecting the leaves, with help!) to older children who are keen to learn about nature.

The most simpliest way is to collect dead matter from around your garden, leaves, moss, stones and grass place it in a container and see what bugs arrive there.

You can however build proper hotels If you have some bricks, wooden boxes or pallets to hand, you can build a multi-storey minibeast mansion and treat your guests to some 5-star accommodation. Divide it into sections and stuff each part with different natural materials. Dry leaves, twigs, hollow stems, dead grass, pine cones and bits of bark are ideal. They’ll help to create warm, dry spaces that will attract different creepy crawlies.

Benefits of building Bug Hotels?

  • Categorising– it’s a brilliant activity for helping children understand how to group similiar objects together.
  • Develops speech, Language and Communication Skills– This activity will really get the kids chatting, with questions and descriptions of  the objects (and creatures!) they find.
  • Develops Basic Science Understandig- Children learn very basic plant biology discussing leaves, conkers, grass etc. They can also develop their understanding of minibeasts that they may discover!
  • Outdoors– Great activity for encouraging children to play outside. It gives them purpose when playing and is a fun activity to complete with other children and encourage team work.
  • Little Preparation– You literally just need a container and some outdoor space! So a very easy activity to russel up in a couple of minutes!

Pre-Assembled Minibeast Bug Hotel Delivered to Your Door

Pre-Assembled Bug HotelIf you are not particularly handy  and want to make things easy you can have the pre-assembled Minibeast hotel delivered to your door. We have a  Pre-Made Minibeast Bug Hotel made from recycled materials and it comes with everything you need to make a 5 star bug hotel. Find out more  Here

Our April Play Box Is Dedicated To Minibeasts and Inspiring Your Nature Lovers.  It includes:

Minibeasts- Creepy Crawly 

Look out in the garden for the mini beasts crawling around and hiding under the stones. Learn how caterpillars move with our racing game. Create your own spiders web and explore how mini beasts move.

Minibeasts- Winged Wonders

Whether it fluttering butterflies or buzzing bees or flying like a ladybird, learn how these minibeasts move, make your ladybird with moving wings and make your own butterfly with symmetrical wings.

April Minibeast Play boxMinibeasts – A day in the life of a bee

Learn about the life of a bee. Why we need bees? What they do all day long?

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