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Setting up your own softplay business could be easier than you imagine. With a Kidzplay franchise you’ll be given all the systems, tools and advice you need to set up and run your own play centre. It’s literally your play centre business in a box!

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Why we offer the best Soft Play Franchise Opportunity in the UK

Our Expertise

From a new build design, to reinvorating existing play centres, to the successful day to day running of the centre, our expertise will guide you successfully through

No Experience Necessary

We have the systems and experience to make it really easy for you, you just need passion, an outgoing personality and a desire to make things happen

1st Class Systems

From the website, to the internal systems there is nothing that is not documented and working properly delivering results in play centres today. This gives you the leg up you need to make as much return as you can from day one

1st Class Support and Training

we have built Venue Management from the ground up - Its a full online training, Health and Safety and HR Portal that comes exclusively with a Kidzplay Franchise

High Profit Potential

The secret to a successful play centre business is for the centre to be clean, the staff well trained and to maximise the memberships to keep going when its sunny. Kidzplay is designed to maximise your profit potential from day one

Join an Estabilished Brand

It is easier to raise finance, to access the benefits of facebook and google, and have a ready source of customers when you join forces with a brand leader rather than starting from scratch

Why Our Customers Love Us

We Put the Customer First

The customer is at the heart of everything we do. Every system we put in place is for the benefit of the customer, and you can benefit from this from Day 1 too.

Always Innovating

We are expanding what a Kidzplay centre has and does at all times for the benefit of our customers and you

Clean, Well Equipped Play Centres

Nobody likes visiting a tired unclean centre, a Kidzplay Centre is fully equipped with the latest in play technology as well as the play frame, giving the customers the best experience

Well Trained Friendly Teams

With venue management there is no longer an ability for a member of the team not to be fully trained and able to answer any customer wish

Why You Will Be Successful As A Kidzplay Franchisee

Proven Formula For Soft Plays

We will give you our 10 years worth of knowledge working and running play centres in the UK to enable you to grow from day 1

Great Team to Help and Support

The Kidzplay team has been around for a long time and we are here to support you all the way

Easy To Do

No other business is required to make your soft play succeed. You don't need an outside area or a nursery, simply use our easy formula to make money

1st Class Systems

From websites to the internal training system everything is there for you to succeed

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Our Story

Lisa and kids

Hi, I am Lisa, Owner, Founder and Chief Bottle Washer round here.

I have started Kidzplay from the ground up, so I know exactly what it is like to run a play centre on a rainy day in winter and also on the quietest days in the summer too.

Helping franchisees succeed is my mission and I am really looking forward to meeting you


Lisa x

Estabilished 10 Years

We have been successfully delivering kids parties, meals and an incredible play experience for over 10 years.

Excellent Service

We have a unique responsibility - we are trusted to deliver an amazing birthday party for a child who will never have that birthday again. Its our attention to detail and commitment that sets us apart

Our Purpose

We want to make our centres a "home from home" with a friendly, caring , knowledgeable team. We are not your typical "frame in a shed" set up

Growing Fast

We are aiming for great things and really want you on board too. Come and join the fastest growing soft play franchise in the country