Above: A picture of some mini beasts acitvities

‘Minibeast’ is the term we use for a number of small animals, like spiders, slugs and snails, worms, insects, centipedes, and many other things. Minibeasts are also called invertebrates, meaning that they do not have backbones – instead, they have a hard shell that we call an exoskeleton. One thing that is so amazing about minibeasts is just how different they are. These are just a few interesting mini beasts’ facts, but don’t worry we’ve got plenty more for you. We’ve put together 10 amazing minibeasts facts for you to find out more:


  1. Minibeasts are crucial for our survival: they are able to recycle waste products and also help with plant pollination; they are a crucial source of food in the ecosystem.


  1. Vertebrates make up approximately 97% of the creatures living on Earth.


  1. Invertebrates have been living on our planet for an incredibly long time, about 550 million years. That is a seriously long time!


  1. Minibeasts are a fantastic source of protein. Many countries around the world eat minibeasts as part of their diet. Deep-fried crickets are a popular snack in Thailand, while ant soup is a warming treat in China. They are a very good source of food and may become more widely eaten in the future.


  1. Some minibeasts live by the seaside, including crabs, cockles, muscles, jellyfish, corals, and starfish.


  1. Minibeasts eat all sorts of foods, did you know they eat plants or flower nectar. In fact, some even eat other minibeasts!


  1. Centipedes can live for up to six years and have from fifteen to over a hundred pairs of legs.


  1. Lots of Minibeasts are able to use their senses of smell, taste and touch to survive and experience the world around them. They have plenty of amazing features such as antennae, small hairs, or taste receptors to do this.


  1. They use their colour and appearance in order to survive. Many have camouflage that helps them blend into their environment so that they can hide from predators or creep up on prey.


  1. Minibeasts are helpful in making products for humans use. Silk that makes scarves and clothes come from silkworms and honey that we have for breakfast is made by bees. We certainly have a lot to thank these wonderful animals for.

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