5 games to play with colour flash cards

5 games to play with colour flash cards

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Colour flash cards are no end of fun, the opportunities are endless. You can make up games as you go along, you can create scavenger hunts with them, you can have some quiet time together, or if you have friends over you can play games together.





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Colour Flash Cards

These flash cards will help with teaching a variety of colours as well as teaching and practising new vocabulary.

Each card features a different colour printed in large text for visual learners and the appropriate colour splat image on the card.

There are two colour flash cards per printable page that you can cut into individual flash cards. I have kept these cards nice a large, so that they are easier for your little ones to handle.

You can make your own using these as inspiration, or you can download our template and print them off today. We can also send our prefessionally printed set to you – Click here to download

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5 Games to Play with Colour Flashcards

Rather than simply going through flashcards, make things more exciting by playing flashcard games with your kids.

Colour Hunts (Solo game)

You can use these flash cards to talk through the colours with your little one, displaying the flashcard as you discuss each colour. They can be used for colour hunts, where your child has to find lots of coloured objects that match the card.

Which colour flash card? (Solo Game)

You can play games, give your little one two cards and then display a coloured object to them and ask them to hold up the correct card. You can you them with songs, holding up the correct colour as you go through. There are endless possibilities to how you can you these flash cards.

Around the World (Group Game)

One great game to play with flashcards is “Around the World.” To play this, have everyone stand together in a circle. Then, choose a pair of students next to each other as the first set. Hold up a flashcard and the child who says the name first moves on to compete against the next person. The goal is to get all the way around the circle and back to the student’s original spot.

Memory matching with the colour flash cards(Two-Player Game)

Memory matching games are fun for kids to play and they have the added bonus of helping develop memorization skills. To play memory matching with flash cards, print two copies of each flash card. They should be printed on cardstock or construction paper so that students can’t see the word through the paper. Cut them out so that they’re all the same size and mix them up. Lay them face down in rows in order to begin the game. Your little one  should take turns trying to find a match.

Slap (Two-Player Game)

This game is different from a memory match game in that all of the flashcards are laid on the table face up. Then, once you call out a specific word or shape, the two students competing against each other slap the right card. The first student to slap it gets a point! Kids will love playing this active game as they learn using flashcards.



Length of Time For the Activity: 10 minutes




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