Colour jigsaw puzzle for preschoolers learning colour

Colour jigsaw puzzle for preschoolers learning colour

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The most important thing about learning is to have fun! This colour jigsaw puzzle is not only fun to do, it is developing cognitive skills, confidence for getting something right and encourages independent learning. Its a great teatime activity, when your hands are full your preschooler can do this on their own, shouting out the colours to you while you give them lots of praise for getting it right.


Equipment List


  • 4 colour jigsaw puzzles (Yellow, blue, red and green)

Download the colour jigsaw puzzle template here

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A nice way of working with colours, to practice colour recognition. Each coloured puzzle contains four pieces, a master piece that contains the written colour word and three other pieces, each with a different coloured picture. Connect all the pieces together of the same colour to complete the puzzle.

This puzzle is great for your little ones to identify different colours, learn new vocabulary by discussing the pictures and work on their fine motor skills trying to connect the pieces in the correct order.

How to set up the colour jigsaw puzzle:

  1. Place the master puzzle pieces on the table. (the master puzzle piece is the piece with the written colour word on it)
  2. Scatter the other colour pieces around the main puzzle pieces.

How to Play:

  1. Connect all the pieces together of the same colour to complete the puzzle.
  2. Give your child lots of praise when they complete the puzzle


Length of Time For the Activity: 10 minutes




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