Colour Matching Activity: Match the Paint Colours

Colour Matching Activity: Match the Paint Colours

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Any colour matching activity gives your child and you a fantastic way to learn about colour through repetition.

The match the paint colour game is a lovely 10 minute opportunity to sit with your child and delight in watching them learn their colours. The game will help them grow more confident in themselves as they get the colours right. As well as learning colour, they will be learning how to sit and concentrate and using their fine motor skills to place the brush where it is needed.

It also gives you some great bonding time, who doesn’t enjoy getting things right and getting praise for it?!

This is great for replacing screen time.






Equipment List

You can either make your own match the paint pot colour recognition game using the picture as inspiration, or you can simply download a copy from the shop to print at home. You will then need to cut out the paint brushes carefully for the game. The best results are on 250gsm paper laminated so you can play the game over and over again.

Download the match the paint colours template here

colour matching activity pdf


How to play the colour match game

Let them say the colour of each paint brush, as they find the correct colour paint tin to place the paint brush with.

The game has five paint tins blue, red, green, yellow, purple and five paint brushes of the these colours. There is a paint brush outline above each paint tin as a marker of where the paint brush should be placed.

How to set up the colour matching activity:

  1. Put the Match the Paint Colours sheet in front of them.
  2. Place the paint brushes face down on a surface within easy reach of them.

To play the paint colour game:

  1. Turn the paint brushes over one by one and encourage your children to say the colour they see.
  2. Place the paint brush on the correct paint brush marker.
  3. Continue until all the paint brushes have been used.
  4. Give lots of praise for doing really well and matching all the colours 😊

You can see Harry and the match the paint colours at Harry& Louis Adventures Instagram page

Colour matching activity paint matching game Harry Playing the colour matching game Match the paints colour matching game


Length of Time For the Activity: 10 minutes




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