Fish Puppets Activity

Fish Puppets Activity

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During our Singamajigs sessions this month we are singing songs with the theme, Under the Sea. I thought it would be great if the children could have their own fish as we sing the songs.

So here is an easy activity to make some amazing fish puppets with your little one.

So just download the PDF, print off and colour in! Singing with us is optional but is a welcome addition to your week!

Karen x



Equipment List

You will need:-

Download the PDF

Crayons, felt tips or coloured pencils

Lollipop sticks




Play Activity Author:


I'm a creative Mum, who loves to sing, make, bake and create! I enjoy supporting and connecting with families as we make, stick and paint, through creative activities. I love sharing and encouraging mums to make simple baking and yummy treats with their little ones. While also spreading the joy to create a love for music through singing!


Step one: – Print out the fishes onto card ( if you don’t have card, print onto paper and then stick onto the card before colouring in)

Step two:- Using crayons, coloured pencils or felt tips, colour in the fishes

Step three:- Cut out the fishes

Step four:- Attach the lollipop stick to the back of the fish

Step five: – Now Sing, play and be creative with your little fishes…. what journey might they travel on today?




Length of Time For the Activity: 15 - 20 minutes




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