Learn and Have Fun With Play Dough Shape Mats

Learn and Have Fun With Play Dough Shape Mats

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Shape Mats are fantastic for learning names of shapes, what they look like and their properties whilst improving motor skills and communication.  They are also lots of fun with play dough.


Equipment List

You will need:

  • Play-dough
  • Laminator and laminating sheets or a plastic ring binder wallet

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Play Activity Author:
Harry & Louis Adventues

Harry & Louis Adventures

Hi I am Rebecca and I’m a stay at home mummy to two gorgeous boys, Harry 2.5 and Louis 13 weeks. I absolutely love creating new exciting activities for us to do and adventures for us to go on.


Let your little ones have fun with play dough trying to make the different shapes on these mats whilst learning about shapes and working on their fine motor skills. Working with play dough is a great way to encourage learning without your children even knowing.

We have lots of fun with play dough mats, we use them lots at the moment for counting and number recognition. I really like how simple these mats are for learning shapes, they encourage your little ones to start practising making the shapes themselves.

Harry is great at drawing circles and he can recognise most shapes now, but I wanted an activity to help learn more about shapes. What perfect way than rolling a sausage out of play dough and trying to make the shape, it’s a great distraction to the fact they are learning early maths.

They are really simple to use:

  1. Encourage your children to roll ball shapes between the palms of their hands
  2. Encourage your children to roll the ball shapes into a sausage shape
  3. Cut the long sausage shapes into bits to make the shapes. A great time to discuss how many pieces are required for how many sides.

Don’t stop at just using these mats for play dough, your little ones can

  • Trace the shapes
  • Paint the shapes
  • Use different things to decorate the shapes such as glitter, feathers or buttons
  • Colour the shapes with crayons, felt tip pens or pencil crayons.
  • Cut shapes out to match to the shapes.


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Length of Time For the Activity: 30 Minutes




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