Matching Shapes Game

Matching Shapes Game

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This matching shapes game is great for learning shapes. It helps your little ones recognise shapes within everyday objects.


Equipment List

The PDF includes a game board containing a square, circle, rectangle and triangle. Along with five square everyday objects, five circle everyday objects, five triangle everyday objects and five rectangle everyday objects.

The shapes included are:

Square: Clock, TV, window, cushion and picture frame

Circle: Football, basketball, pizza, button and doughnut

Rectangle: Door, book, brick, envelope, microwave.

Triangle: Snooker balls in a triangle, hanger, pizza slice, road sign and musical triangle.

Play Activity Author:
Harry & Louis Adventues

Harry & Louis Adventures

Hi I am Rebecca and I’m a stay at home mummy to two gorgeous boys, Harry 2.5 and Louis 13 weeks. I absolutely love creating new exciting activities for us to do and adventures for us to go on.


Allow your little ones to place the shapes on to the correct shape on the game board.


Length of Time For the Activity: 20




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