Number Formation and Recognition Road Numbers

Number Formation and Recognition Road Numbers

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These road numbers are a fun car racing maths activity to help with number formation and recognition. They really are just a fun way for your little ones to race their cars.


Equipment List

You will need:

  1. Small toy car like hot-wheels size.
  2. A printout of the road numbers, preferably laminated.
Play Activity Author:
Harry & Louis Adventues

Harry & Louis Adventures

Hi I am Rebecca and I’m a stay at home mummy to two gorgeous boys, Harry 2.5 and Louis 13 weeks. I absolutely love creating new exciting activities for us to do and adventures for us to go on.


  1. For each number use the green go sign as a prompt of where to start drawing the number with the car.
  2. A red stop sign shows where to stop drawing the number with the car.
  3. When you reach a dead end with no stop sign, locate the yellow road and start opposite end to the stop sign. This is includes numbers 4 and 5.

How to Play:

Start with your car on the go sign and draw the number. I have created the road numbers with the exact way to draw the numbers in mind. However my son is only 2 years 10 months, so currently I don’t expect him to use these number roads for anything other than number recognition and having fun driving his cars along the roads in any direction he wants.


Length of Time For the Activity: 20




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