Share The Love with Rainbow Heart Biscuits

Share The Love with Rainbow Heart Biscuits

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Share the love for the NHS with these simple easy to bake rainbow heart biscuits!

Here’s a lovely simple recipe for baking biscuits….

With rainbows and hearts so prominent at the moment, as we support the NHS and all they are doing; you could make these rainbow heart biscuits to share. These are a great way to see what happens when colours are mixed together and marbling biscuits makes each one special.



Equipment List

rainbow heart biscuits

You will need:-

125g Butter
55g Caster Sugar
180g Plain flour
food colourings


Baking tray

Baking parchment

Heart shaped cookie cutters


rainbow heart cookie cutter

Play Activity Author:


I'm a creative Mum, who loves to sing, make, bake and create! I enjoy supporting and connecting with families as we make, stick and paint, through creative activities. I love sharing and encouraging mums to make simple baking and yummy treats with their little ones. While also spreading the joy to create a love for music through singing!


To create the share the love rainbow heart biscuits, we use a simple and easy basic biscuit dough recipe as the base.

Step 1

To create the biscuits you first need to get all the equipment together as shown on the equipment list below. You will need a large bowl and a wooden spoon (although an electric whisk will work here as well – just watch children with moving parts on a whisk) and cream the butter and sugar together by mixing throughly. Add plain flour gradually and fold in using the wooden spoon. You will get a dough like consistency when all the flour has been added to the mixture.

cream butter and sugar together

❤️Stir together in a bowl the butter and sugar
❤️Add plain flour

Step 2

divide into bowls to add food colouring

Step 3

❤️ Next divide the biscuit dough mixture into 5 bowls and add the individual food colourings to match the rainbow effect you are wanting to create.

Step 4

add food colouring
❤️ Bring the mixure  together by mixing the food colouring in with the dough. You may need to mix with your hands to get the desired effect (kids love this bit, keep working the dough until all the food colouring has been absorbed by the dough and you have the colour you wanted).

Step 5

share the love
❤️It is now time to roll out the dough. Prepare your surface first with a fine dusting of flour to prevent sticking. Then to get an even looking biscuit bunch the dough together. Roll the dough out to a cm thick. (I am sure you will have lots of help at this stage!) Take the heart shaped cookie cutter and press down onto the dough creating as many biscuits as you can from this roll of dough. To make sure you have maximised all the biscuits you can make just imprint first slightly on the dough to see have many you can make, then cut.

The children can play with the dough that is left, manipulating dough is great for improving fine motor skills that children need at school for writing.

Step 6

share the love with rainbow heart shaped biscuits
❤️ Cook in the oven for 10-15 minutes on 180c on the baking parchment and you now have a finished cookie!

Helpful hint :- If using all the colours seems too much you can bake a plain biscuit , or just use 1 colour.

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Enjoyed the Rainbow Heart Biscuit Activity?

You can carry on the rainbow theme using foam clay with Karen’s Rainbow foam clay heart delivery box


Length of Time For the Activity: 30 minutes




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