Shaving Foam Car Wash Tuff Tray Play Idea

Shaving Foam Car Wash Tuff Tray Play Idea

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This shaving foam car wash is an awesome messy play and sensory activity which kids love, especially if they are mad about cars.

Shaving foam creates messy, sensory play at its best! Shaving foam or cream is great for sensory exploration and provides endless opportunities for children to play and discover. With this tuff tray idea, you mark on the roads for the cars to drive around on, build a car wash out of lego or duplo, and then let them play.


Equipment List

Tuff tray or play tray
Toy Cars
Plastic Containers
Tooth brush
Paint roller
Washing up liquid
Shaving foam
Chalk pens (optional)

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Play Activity Author:
Harry & Louis Adventues

Harry & Louis Adventures

Hi I am Rebecca and I’m a stay at home mummy to two gorgeous boys, Harry 2.5 and Louis 13 weeks. I absolutely love creating new exciting activities for us to do and adventures for us to go on.


To set the shaving foam car wash up, you will need a large tray – (I will send you where you get everything from on the downloadable set of instructions)

Use chalk pens to draw a road on the tray and some different parking spaces.

Build a double car wash structure out of mega blocks / duplo or lego so that the cars have something to drive through.

Next place some toy cars in different positions on the tuff tray, along the road and in the parking spaces.

Then fill two containers, one with water and one with a mix of washing up liquid and water.

Place these into position on the tuff tray, you can always add another and fill this with shaving foam.

Finally place the differnt cleaning apparatus on the tray and let them play!

This activity provides hours of fun and is a good activity to do when other toddlers come to play.

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Length of Time For the Activity: 60




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