V E Day Party Hats

V E Day Party Hats

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On Friday we celebrate 75 years since VE DAY!

I know there are lots of things happening (of course with social distancing) on the day!

If you are having a tea party to celebrate why not make some party hats?

All you need to do is print out the sheet, two sheets even make a hat for an adult!

Enjoy celebrating!



Equipment List




You will need:-

Print out the sheet onto card







Play Activity Author:


I'm a creative Mum, who loves to sing, make, bake and create! I enjoy supporting and connecting with families as we make, stick and paint, through creative activities. I love sharing and encouraging mums to make simple baking and yummy treats with their little ones. While also spreading the joy to create a love for music through singing!



Step one :- Print out the sheet onto card, you might need to copies depending on the size of your head (adults will need two)

Step two :- Cut out the sheets

Step three :- Stick together the sheets

Step four :- Size by wrapping it around your child’s head and then stick together to fit!



Length of Time For the Activity: 15-20 minutes




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