How To Make A Winter Pine Cone Bird Feeder

How To Make A Winter Pine Cone Bird Feeder

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Birds using bird feeder

Make Your Own Pine Cone Bird Feeder At Home

This winter make a bird feeder for your garden and then enjoy spotting all of the birds who come to visit!

Spotting birds is a great activity to do with your child. So make your own pine cone feeder, with bird seed and lard, hang from a tree and watch and wait!

A great activity for a winters afternoon!


Big Garden Bird Watch

Big Garden Bird WatchThis activity is great in preparation for the Big Garden Birdwatch – 29th January to 31st January this year. It’s easy to join in with the Big garden birdwatch, we have made it super easy by creating a bird count sheet you can use to spot common birds and count how many you see. You can download and print at home the how to make the pine cone bird feeder and the bird counting sheet here.

If you don’t have a printer at home , or have the ingredients needed to hand, our bird feeder and bird count sheet are included as part of the activities in our Winter Play Box that is available now – Click Here

Our Play Boxes are designed to have everything you need in them so you can just have fun together rather than having to plan activities all the time. The play box includes binoculars to make, my favourite bit of feedback from a Kidzplay Mum is

” Joshua loved doing this and was really excited about hanging it in out tree. He’s also super excited about a bird coming to use it. Whenever he’s not in the living room he gives daddy his binoculars and asks him to watch out for any birds!”


Equipment List

You will need:-

  • Bird Seed
  • Pine cone
  • Lard
  • String

Plus a plate and knife for spreading the lard

Play Activity Author:


I'm a creative Mum, who loves to sing, make, bake and create! I enjoy supporting and connecting with families as we make, stick and paint, through creative activities. I love sharing and encouraging mums to make simple baking and yummy treats with their little ones. While also spreading the joy to create a love for music through singing!


To make a bird feeder follow these easy steps:-



ingredients for the bird feeder

Step one :- Cover the pine cone in lard

pine cone for the bird feeder

Step two: – Place the bird seed onto a plate

bird seed

Step three:- Roll the pine cone around on the plate to cover in the bird seed

pine cone bird feed

Step four :- Tie the string around the pine cone to hang

pine cone bird feeder in the open air

Step five:- Take outside to hang on a tree


Enjoy spotting the birds that visit your garden – Don’t forget to download the bird spotting chart for free


Length of Time For the Activity: 15-20 minutes




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