Educational Play to give kids a head start

Can you imagine going for your first day at school knowing that you already know how to read, recognise colour and numbers? Getting your child school ready gives them great self confidence at school to tackle some of the trickier things they will encounter there.

More importantly though our educational play games are really fun to do and you will enjoy some really immersive bonding time together as they learn and grow.

There is nothing like getting an answer right particularly when you are so small. These educational play games are designed to be done in small bursts and repeated often. They are to be taken at your kids pace, and must always be fun.

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Matching Shapes Game

colour flash cards

5 games to play with colour flash cards

colour puzzle

Colour jigsaw puzzle for preschoolers learning colour


Colour Matching Activity: Match the Paint Colours

Shapes 8

Learn and Have Fun With Play Dough Shape Mats

Animal Families 2

Match animal families with these flash cards

I created these cards for Harry my 2.5 year old, so it gave me an opportunity to discuss the different...

Counting Play-Dough Mats

A play-dough mat is a great educational accessory that makes learning more motivating. Play-dough mats are an easy way to...

Create A Weather Chart For Your Home

A great teaching resource for your little ones to update each day or anytime the weather changes. Children can remove...