It's All About (The) Imaginative Play

Can you remember way back in through the midsts of time what was your favourite type of play?

I am willing to bet it was some form of imaginative play. This is the type of play where you go on an adventure, be it as a fairy, or go the land of dinsoaurs, or you are a knight or a super hero for the day.

It is different to pretend play, pretend play is more role play and where kids mimic the adult world. Imaginative play is where kids can act out scenes and the story goes whereever it takes them.

I can remember being superwoman in my gang of friends and we took on the baddies, our bikes all had differnt powers and we spent many an hour in the holidays play acting stories. It was ace.

This story telling and acting out is absolutely brilliant for kids and they don’t have as much opportunity for this sort of play as I did in my day. It is definitely a no adults allowed type of play!

You can do lots though to encourage your kids imagination and give them props etc so they can act out their own play. They absolutely love it if you enter into their world, my Grandma was particularly adept at this with us and gave us many hours of unadulterated fun.

Here is some ideas to get you going. We also run imaginative sessions at our play centres, they are by far my most favourite activity days