Tuff Tray Ideas - So Simple Even Your Kids Can Do It

Tuff trays have got to be the best invention for the last 10 years!

My kids are now 15 and 14, and I have been through the whole messy stage having to clean up the kitchen table over and over again. Entertaining 2 kids who are 13 months apart is trying enough without having to inform them the play time they are engrossed in needs to end because I want the table for dinner.

Or worse still one was hungry and the other was playing. I will let you imagine how that scene played out!

With tuff trays you can create individual play spaces in whatever environment and use them in hundreds of different ways Best of all it keeps the play contained in the tray, so it is easy to clean up after and put away!


So you can do messy play / slime / play dough / shaving foam … safe in the knowledge that you are providing your child with an incredible play experience that can be tidied away before bed time.

Check out our tuff tray ideas here. We also have the tuff tray play kits for the ultimate in great parenting  – here’s a ready made totally educational toy that ticks all the boxes and is easy to clean and put away. We cannot say fairer than that!