Toddler Sized Imagination Station


Kids Imagination Station transforms to become:

Tray for water / sand /tuff tray / painting play

Wooden bench for use as a workshop bench, potting bench, perfumery

Mud kitchen with two bowls they are removable for scavenging

This sized imagination station is ideal for toddlers and is built to last

It has lots of storage, shelves and a peg board so items are easily to hand.

The imagination stations come with  payment plan options too



Our toddler imagination station is perfect height for toddlers and will entertain them for hours on end. It is the right size for a 2 year old and is full of play-ability. It is full of interactive features, made from the highest quality wood and built to last.

Take off the top and the imagination station has a tray built in that can be for water play, sand play, tuff trays … the ideas are endless.

You can have bubble play, mix cornflour to make mouldable sand, mix food colouring and water to discover about colour mixing, you can create environments for play, like a construction site or dinosaur land. You can use it for play -dough, salt dough, making finger and hand prints. It is also good for painting, you can set up some great sensory messy play for your toddler to explore their senses and develop a love of science. Toddlers need to learn through cause and effect, so they can see what happens if they add to much water / to little etc and the mess is all contained in the imagination station.

The imagination station can transform by putting the top on into a wooden bench that can be used as a potting bench, a perfumery bar (mixing petals and water to create lovely perfumes) , a scientific experiment station.

Then the imagination station can transform again into a standard mud kitchen with bowls for washing up and a hot plate for cooking all these lovely pies.

There is storage built in with shelves and hanging pegs to aid play.


Comes pre-assembled

Highest quality, sustainably sourced materials are used to give years of play

All the items on the imagination station are recyclable and we use every square inch of materials so there is no waste when we create our products

We have payment options available

Quick turnaround, you don’t have to wait weeks for the imagination station to be built

It can be painted or left natural to suit your taste


920mm Total Height,

920mm length

520mm width

Height to bench 520mm


Add A Discovery Box Subscription Every Month:

Designed for the busy mum in mind our discovery box delivers to your home every month lots of play activities and equipment you can use to bring the imagination station alive and develop your toddlers learning through play.

Discovery Box





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