It is now becoming obvious that we are in some form of Lockdown for the long haul, and judging from our Coronavirus Survey most of us are already finding it really hard to juggle everything, and the idea of it lasting for much longer is wearisome to say the least!

However, survive it we must, and there are lots of online activities and classes that have started up to help entertain your children whilst they are stuck indoors or confined to the garden.

Our most popular activity is the FREE downloadable counting mats activity - over 1000 people have already tried this out - you can have a look here

Review from a customer: Lucy loved it. She asked to do it again as soon as she had finished. She understood it all, liked doing it with the different shapes and colours and counting how many she needed.

We also have an Online Facebook Group you can join to ask questions / share ideas and ask for ideas to get us through the Coronavirus Lock Down - To join the group click here

Amazon have also got some great deals, Amazon Fire for Kids gives you unlimited access to lots of kids books, games and videos. great for if you just need a break!

Baker Ross is a brilliant resource for all things crafty  and Mrs Wordsmith is good for reading material for kids

Last but not least, if all else fails you can always enjoy wine! Laithwaite wines deliver to your door - an absolute bonus at the minute!

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FREE Online Activities for You to Try:

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