What mini beasts can you find in your garden at home?

If you have a front or back garden at home, there are many mini beasts that you can spot – if you know where, when, and how to look! Read on to learn more about the most common types of mini beast that you can find in your very own garden, as well as some interesting facts.


One of the most frequent visitors to your garden are ants. The type of ant you’ll likely spot is the black garden ant, which is a type of ant that loves to make their home in lawns, flower beds, under weeds, and in the cracks between paving stones. If you see a small black dot running around somewhere on your garden patio, it’s likely a black garden ant – they won’t harm you, so don’t step on them.

Did you know?: There are around 11,000 species of ant in the world! But only 50 or so of these actually live in the UK.


You’re most likely to spot a butterfly in your garden during the warmer seasons of the year, spring and summer. This is because butterflies are attracted to flowers thanks to their nectar, which is a sweet, sticky substance. Some of the butterfly types you can expect to see include the large white, the red admiral, and the meadow brown.

Did you know?: Butterflies drink nectar with their tongues, which uncurl and act as a straw!


Though spiders are creepy to many people, most of the species you’ll find in a UK garden are harmless. Spiders can be spotted almost anywhere in your garden, including in the grass, on flowers and trees, and even on your windowsill! The most common type of spider you’ll spot is the garden spider, which is usually a reddish-brown or grey-brown in colour.

Did you know?: Spiders make sticky silk via a gland in their abdomen, which they then use to spin a web to catch flies and other types of insects!


If you hear a buzzing sound in your garden, there’s a good chance it could be a bee. Many people needlessly kill bees because they feel threatened by them – but as long as you stay out of their way, bees are usually harmless! The most common types of bee are the honeybee and the bumblebee, both of which have fluffy bodies with black and yellow stripes.

Did you know?: Each bee will produce about a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime – with 250 species of bee in the UK, that’s a lot of honey!

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