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Hi We are Lisa And Karen

Welcome to Kidzplay!
We are on a mission to make looking after children easy, by providing ideas and resources that are easy to do with your child without all the time consuming hassle of searching for ideas and resources.
We create a box a week so you are never short of things to do, and we will make them relevant to the seasons and special events too.
The 'We' is Myself and Karen Allen, between is we have clocked up over 26 years of early years provision, all the ideas and resources have been tried and tested with children so we know they are a hit.
Both of us are Mums too, admittently of teenagers and young adults now but the box is something I would have wished was around when my kids were young.

Making and creating was something my kids loved to do and is so good for little ones to learn fine motor skills but it was always a palaver to set up, clean down and think of new ideas every week. Now though I wish I had spent more time with them just playing. It struck me when it was pointed out that there are only 936 weekends from your child's first weekend to when they are 18 and 260 until they are 5. Our box is designed to make sure that time is maximised on creating memories together.

We always love to here from you and see your creations. You can contact us personally via e-mail, or by joining our facebook group and liking our Facebook page

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